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Investor Education

Key Financial Concepts In Brief

Why preparing a financial plan is important?

A financial plan is prepared after series of discussion between the financial planner and client. Its prepared after taking into consideration your existing investments, liabilities and cash-flows. The client has a detailed report laid out in front of him to achieve his financial goals while informing him of his responsibility to secure adequate protection against contingencies.


What are mutual funds? 

Mutual funds are a route to investment asset classes such as Equities, Fixed Income, Gold etc. Investors can invest as low as Rs.500 a month and enjoy benefits of diversification, professional fund management, low expense, convenience, liquidity, transparency and market linked returns. Investments can be done in lump-sum or through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) mode.

Will your SIP be enough to meet your goal? 

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a mechanism offered by mutual funds to create a corpus by investing a fixed amount regularly (usually monthly). It is very important to save the right amount and monitoring your scheme at regular intervals, otherwise you could be end up saving less than your goal requires.   

Stock Markets - How do they create wealth for you? 

Stock markets play an important role – Offers liquidity to existing investors in a company and provides a platform to investors looking to invest in a particular company. Thus as revenues, profitability and expectation of future growth rise, price of the stock moves up. Thus creating wealth for investors. The reverse is equally true. Investment in quality companies has created wealth, unmatched by any other asset class. 

Why insurance is necessary for you? 

Insurance is a necessity. The sum assured is awarded to your family in unfortunate event of your death, which enables it to maintain their standard of living. The proceeds can be used to repay your existing loans (personal, home loans etc) as well as enable them to sustain other expenses such as living expense, children school fees, higher education, child’s marriage etc. Health insurance protects your savings from hospital bills. Critical Illness offers you a lump-sum payment on diagnosis of a critical illness post survival period. Its important you secure yourselves adequately.

Disclaimer: The above is for information purpose only and not to be taken as advise. 

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